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What We Do

We are on a mission to get the world talking about Severe PMS & PMDD and provide sufferers with reliable support to help manage their condition.

Moody Girl offers a free online support group for women to talk all things Severe PMS, PMDD & Premenstrual Conditions. It’s so important that we have a place to communicate with other sufferers. Our community provides a safe place to talk, share stories and support each other.

Our Moody Girl platform will push Severe PMS & PMDD into wider discussions, online and to the masses. We will host events, fund-raisers and talks to raise the profile of these premenstrual disorders and spur on further research into Severe PMS & PMDD.

We believe in power in numbers. Let’s come together to break the misconceptions about women’s premenstrual health. Let’s make it normal to discuss Severe PMS and PMDD in society. The more we talk, the less we suffer, the closer we’ll get to finding the right treatment plan for you.