Moody Girl's Story

My name is Emily Fazah, and since puberty my life has been a constant battle with Severe PMS.

I have spent most of my adolescence fighting for answers. Fighting for something that could help me feel better. After countless trips to different GP’s, I never saw anyone who could explain to me why I was feeling so awful each month. I took matters into my own hands and researched into why I could be feeling like this, and this lead me to an introduction with a Gynaecologist. It was then that I first heard someone who was sympathetic and understanding of this condition. She introduced me to the Chelsea and Westminster PMS clinic that deal specifically with premenstrual disorders.

From my first consultation it was clear that the doctor knew so much about Severe PMS and for the first time in my life I felt that finally someone understood my condition. They agreed that I wasn’t depressed and the cause of my unhappiness each month was due to an abnormal reaction to normal changes in hormone levels during my menstrual cycle. They advised me that contraceptive pills would not be an option for me as they tip my estrogen levels over the edge and subsequently have a knock on effect on my moods.

I have tried over 5 different contraceptive pills in my life, the worst experience being from Yasmin. After being assured that this was the pill for me it was anything but a solution. It left me crippled on the floor in the midst of my third year of university, unable to even leave the house. After 5 days of suicidal thoughts and feeling like a complete shell of myself I gave up and chucked all of the pills in the bin. Sure enough I felt better once I got over the aftermath of Yasmin. From then on I swore to never take another contraceptive pill.

I have now been on HRT, the ‘menopausal’ drug, for over two years and have noticed a significant change in my moods. Don’t get me wrong I still experience lows, but now I have a strong support network around me to help overcome these times. This is where Moody Girl comes in.