Moody Girl Listens #8 'The Ritual'


Moody Girl #8

‘The Ritual’

MG Listens #8 ‘The Ritual’

I made this playlist at the end of 2018, but for some reason I haven’t had the confidence to share it with you guys. Now I’m in a better head space, here it is ✌

Making playlists has always been up there with my favourite and most relaxing thing to do when I’m feeling in all kinds of moods. I always felt that I have a bad ear for music and actually the way I decide whether I like something or not is from seeng how it makes me feel. Ironically the place it makes me feel something is right in my chest where I feel the most anxiety when going through my low moments. A lot of the time I wish I didn’t experience such intense moods and feelings but right now in this moment I feel content. 🙏🏻