Moody Girl Listens #5 Stevie Dix

Moody Girl Listens #5 (S.D).jpg


MG Listens #5 with Stevie Dix, Belgian born abstract painter, who now resides in the U.K. Here's what she had to say about her MG Picks:

"Listening through the previous editions made by women with a wealth of music knowledge, I knew mine as a visual artist wouldn’t necessarily fit in. So I thought the best approach to making a Moody Girl playlist for me was to set a very personal theme. Running parallel with a reoccurring theme in titling my paintings, I decided to make a playlist of songs all in French language. French (and Belgian) music seems to follow me in all stages of my life. This playlist is a sentimental nod to my childhood as well as a current place of refuge I often seek having immigrated to an English-speaking country. From my grandmother’s favourite George Brassens, to the king of Brussels Jacques Brel and the prince of Brussels Romeo Elvis, my fellow Limburg born Axelle Red to the Swiss Sophie Hunger - this is the sentimental soundtrack to my past and present life."