Introducing Moody Girl

Moody Girl.png

Hello and welcome to the first of many Moody Girl blog posts. I hope from these posts I'll be able to introduce you to an eclectic and supportive group of women who have all been directly affected or sympathise with PMS and are here to be part of the Moody Girl support network. 

For years I myself have tried to find answers into why I feel so down and depressed each month before my period. I tried my hardest to look for online forums or chat rooms but nothing out there seemed to be focused solely on PMS. The most frustrating thing was opening up about this problem and then people not understanding - which in turn left me feeling even more isolated and crazy.

After years of thinking about how I can help myself, I realised that through speaking with other women with similar PMS experiences that there needs to be a positive, non-judgmental support network for women suffering in silence with PMS each month. 

I can remember the day I began thinking up the idea of Moody Girl. It was a day where my PMS and anxiety were particularly bad, but of course I couldn't call in sick because I have been conditioned to think that PMS is NOT a real thing and most normal girls don't get it... so what's the big deal? I left the house for my 1 and a half hour long commute across London to my 9-6 office job in Soho. After being pushed by men on the bus to the train station and then shoved by a woman desperate to sit down on the seat before me on the tube, I arrived at my job feeling more frazzled than ever. I went to the toilet to psych myself up before facing my work colleagues, and then I was (barely) ready to start my day and put on my fake happy face. 'Hi, would anyone like a cup of tea?' 'What did you get up to last night?' but whilst having these conversations all I wanted to do was lie on the floor and curl up in a ball and cry, but of course I couldn't. 

Luckily at my job everyone wore headphones and so I could just put some soothing playlists on and count down the hours till I could start the depressing commute back to my flat. In those hours of cold-emailing it all of a sudden dawned on me. WHY do i have to suffer in silence? Why can I not be open about how I'm feeling? Why isn't there anything out there that can offer me some advice on how to get through this day? So I found some peace in writing down a dream company that did offer this, and it would be called 'Moody Girl'.

Moody is a derogative word that generalises 'girl problems'. It's a name that has been with me since puberty and so now I want to make it into something positive. Moody Girl's should not have to suffer in silence and Moody Girl is here to help those that need it. 

In 2018 I am making it my mission to make Moody Girl a reality and I will do everything in my power to offer the best advice to anyone who reaches out. The website is a place for all things PMS: there's a forum for direct questions and answers - answered by Moody Girl support network and myself. A space for you to read about other PMS stories that will hopefully offer you some solace when struggling each month. Upcoming Moody Girl events will be advertised, which will give the Moody Girl community a chance to get together and celebrate women-kind with live speakers, art, music and all things PMS.

Please join me on trying to eliminate the shame and stigma attached to PMS. We all know it's a real condition; society just needs to catch up! 

 Let's talk PMS & Mental Health.

MG xox