Moody Girls Shouldn't Have To Suffer In Silence


Why are premenstrual conditions Such A Taboo?

There are an estimated 800,000 people suffering in the U.K. alone.

Why Are So Many Women/afab Still Suffering In Silence?

Severe PMS or PMDD can occur in any individual during the child bearing years.

This Needs To Change.

With appropriate treatment, Severe PMS and PMDD can be successfully managed.

Moody Girl aims to open a line of conversation between women/AFAB individuals struggling each month with Severe PMS & PMDD.

We need to eliminate the stigma attached to Severe PMS & PMDD. They are real conditions, they do affect thousands of people and there is help out there!

Talking about it, understanding it and dealing with it better is the goal - so come on, let's talk Severe PMS, PMDD and Premenstrual Conditions!

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